Big O Drain Tile Flush And Scope, Interior Concrete Floor Repair

Date: March 6, 2020Written by: ElsieFrom: Surrey, British Columbia

My downstairs tenant in Cloverdale noticed some water ingress at floor level in the basement after a huge rainstorm. To deal with this I first hired a foundation crack injection company, who determined there was no crack in the foundation. He suggested I contact DrainRock.

Rylan from DrainRock came out to have a look and suggested flushing and scoping the perimeter drains as well as chipping out a piece of wood that had been left in the slab during framing of the house (some 40 years earlier) and filling the space with hydrostatic concrete. Rylan and his crew did the work very professionally and capably. The owner, Bob, came out to check the job, even though he had just returned that day from being out of the country.

The crew worked diligently for several hours to dig a test hole, get access to the perimeter drains, and flush the drains with water under pressure until all the water was flowing freely. They put a camera down the drain and provided me with a video on a thumb drive showing the free-running drains. I would highly recommend this company to anyone having drainage issues. They are a family business that cares about their customers, are very professional and do not overcharge.

Thanks for your good work, DrainRock.