Foundation Crack Repair

Finding a long term repair solution starts with our free site visit, including an evaluation and estimate. Your homes concrete foundation can have several types of deficiencies, such as cracks, cold joints or blemishes that allow water to penetrate into your living space or crawlspace under your home. Concrete foundations also settle over time and small hairline cracks can develop. During the winter months when we experience heavy rains, the ground becomes saturated with water.  it is common to find that hydraulic pressure from the saturated ground outside forces water through any foundation deficiency.

Repair solutions include:

External by excavating to the foundation footing, cleaning the wall and chipping the crack. Filling the crack with hydraulic repair material and sealing with two coats of foundation damp-proofing before a rigid membrane called Delta MS is installed over the affected area. All soils are then backfilled and the site put back as original.

Internal solutions have become more popular in recent years to avoid the invasive work such as excavation, break and removal of concrete and disruption of landscaping. Internal foundation repairs include epoxy and poly-urethane injection. Prime candidates include underground parkades, deep basements and areas covered by structure or concrete.

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