Blockage In Drain Tiles

Date: September 10, 2017Written by: PhilFrom: Langley, British Columbia

We have a 3 year old house that has drain tiles that were not draining properly - water would pool in our sunken patio area. During three separate occasions, I called 3 different plumbing companies to come out to identify and fix the problem. Each company utilized a mechanical snake through the drain tiles, and each time I was told everything was working.

However, the problem kept recurring. I then researched on HomeStars and saw the many positive reviews that DrainRock had received and decided to call them. Rylan and Cody came out and hydro jetted all the drain tiles around my house and then utlized a camera to ensure all the drain tiles were clear. This is where they found quite a number of large hardened calcium chunks obstructing half the drain tiles in some areas that were missed by the other companies. Rylan and Cody were later accompanied by Bob, the owner, and they spent half a day cleaning and removing the debris until everything was absolutely clear (they even provided a USB video of the cleared drain tiles).

As a homeowner, having the risk of a flooded basement is a very terrifying thought and knowing that Drainrock took the time to ensure everything was cleaned out and having the entire drainage system explained to me and recorded will definitely help me sleep at night when the wet weather arrives. Key points to consider when choosing Drainrock over other companies:

1. Drainrock delivers what they promise in terms of price and work
2. Drainrock was thorough and spent the time to ensure the job was done right the first time
3. Bob is very resourceful and thinks outside the box in order to solve challenges, which definitely goes a long way to fixing problems.

I would not hesitate to recommend these guys and will use them again in the future.