Couldn't Have Been Better - They did the wet basement repair work in one day, when it was heavy rain

Date: February 5, 2018Written by: Mr. TFrom: Langley, British Columbia

We had a crack in our basement foundation, undernearth a window in the window well. Over Christmas it started letting water in.

We had to make our own arrangements as not covered by insurance (wear and tear ... joke), so asked four companies for quotes, two never replied and I just had a better vibe with Drainrock who came out quickly and fitted us in.

They did the work in one day, when it was heavy rain. Once they dug the hole out to repair, it was a complete mess with piles of mud and rubble. Couple of hrs later it was perfect, as if there hadn't been here.

Great service, attention to detail and explained the process in detail. They also fixed a drain issue elsewhere while they were there.

Really pleased with their service.