Drainage - Root Blockage

Date: November 13, 2018Written by: Joey KovacsFrom: Surrey, British Columbia

I normally don’t write reviews but thought it was important to do so.

I’m an overseas home owner and have been managing my properties abroad for 10+ years thus, it’s important to have a good network of trust worthy people to help with repairs etc.

My house is in Coquitlam and Drainrock was referred to me by drainage/restoration group based in N.Vancouver.

My basement/ foundation was leaking for a couple of weeks off and on. I contacted approx. 5-6 of the big names in plumbing, landscaping, restoration/ drainage as I didn’t know what kind of problem I had - as it could have been anything.

All of the groups told me that my drainage system had collapsed and that I should replace it immediately and quotes ranged btw $20K-50K to replace my entire drainage system - with warranty.

That being said, my basement had leaked a couple times before over the last 10 years so I thought it was very odd and thought it may have been a leaky pipe or the too much water in the back yard was causing my system to overwork and thought it was a bit odd that I might need a replacement all of a sudden.

Long story short - Drainrock dug a test hole, hydro flushed and video inspected to find a root blockage near the driveway by the retaining wall. The blockage was backing up water that was leaking through drain holes drilled through the retaining walls. They removed the root blockage and put a couple more holes in to increase water flow. Water is now flowing out the outgoing line and into the city storm - All fixed now.