Perimeter Drainage Replacement

Date: January 13, 2023Written by: Pr. U.From: Maple Ridge, British Columbia

I had 3 different contractors provide an estimate for work before I connected with Drainrock. A hydro-flush revealed crushed and broken drain tiles which meant removal of existing tiles, installing new pipe, gravel, sealing foundation cracks, new sump and connection to the city storm system. The work involved working under a very large deck, removing huge blocks of concrete from existing stairs and removing asphalt , trees and shrubs in cold, wet and muddy conditions.
Everyone that I dealt with was very professional, polite and thorough. Bobs ongoing up-dates and explanations throughout this process did much to allay my anxiety. Not having to worry about future flooding is huge. Drainrock did this on-time and in-budget as per estimate. Great company.