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Replace Perimeter Drains

Date: May 3, 2021Written by: Gordon G.From: Vancouver, British Columbia

Five years ago our basement flooded and Drainrock responded very quickly for cleanup and installation of an outdoor sump. They also did a video inspection of our 80-year-old perimeter drainage. Finding several broken or cracked tiles, they said the system would still function but suggested a complete replacement when possible. That project has just been completed.

Bob Wilde's quote included an estimate of 10 days, and they were finished on day 9. The project was fully done to code and passed a City inspection with no problems.

We've lived in the house 28 years so there's a lot of plants that could have been damaged during trenching, but we were most impressed with the care they took to work around them. In our estimation, Drainrock minimized plant loss about as much as was possible.

Our second project with Drainrock Industries was just as satisfactory as the first one five years ago, and we fully recommend them.

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Highly impressed with their drainage and damp-proofing work... Again!

Date: February 8, 2021Written by: Marty & ShellaFrom: Maple Ridge, British Columbia

Having used Drainrock in the past, and being highly impressed with their work, Bob was the first one we called when we found water leaking into our basement crawl space. Bob came out and had a look, and since we knew from their past inspection that we had some issues with the perimeter drains on the north side of the house, it was decided the best idea was to replace the drains on that side.

The crew, which included Bob’s sons, arrived a couple of days later. They replaced all the crushed and plugged Big O piping with PVC. They also repaired some cracks in the foundation, dampproofed the wall, and then installed Dimple board to provide a completely waterproof wall. After they refilled the trench, they flushed out the entire system and then dealt with a couple of other issues we had.

We were highly impressed again with the workmanship and the finished product, but what impressed us even more was the crew themselves. They were all hardworking, polite, and respectful young men.

Bob and Vanessa, you should be very proud of not only your sons, but also the rest of your crew as well. What a great group of guys.

We have already, and will continue to recommend this great family business to everyone we can.

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I highly recommend Drainrock for any drainage related job!

Date: January 3, 2021Written by: Private HomeownerFrom: Burnaby, British Columbia

Had called Drainrock Industries to solve a water leak in my basement that another company (Drainmaster) couldn't resolve. Drainrock took care of the issue discovering Drainmaster did not do a proper job. I highly recommend Drainrock Industries and never will use the highly and most advertised companies. Very professional by Drainrock Industries!

Company Response
Thank you for taking time to write a review about your experience with Drainrock Industries. You were referred to us through a friend of yours that had previously used our services and was happy to share their experience. Unfortunately, the first drainage contractor you hired did not measure floor height elevations and installed new perforated PVC drainage approximately 10" above the height of the floor slab in the basement. Perimeter drain tile is intended to be installed with the top of the pipe below the bottom of the floor slab at the high point of the system, controlling the water table and preventing water ingress. From all of us at Drainrock Industries we thank you.

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Very reliable, dependable, friendly.

Date: January 3, 2021Written by: ShaynaFrom: Langley, British Columbia

We were having some major flooding issues inside our building. We contacted Drainrock Industries for a quotation. They came out and surveyed the issues, issued a quotation and we approved the work. Their crew showed up on time, resolved the one issue we had to our great satisfaction. We then had them come back for another issue and it was also solved to our great satisfaction. Crew and owner are awesome people that take time to explain everything. Would recommend them to anyone needing repairs. Very reliable, dependable, friendly.

Company Response
Thank you for your kind review about our family business. It is the most rewarding part of this business to know that we have been able to help people through this tough time. COVID has caused stress and anxiety for all of us, but we are thankful that we were able to develop a safe plan to work and help people with their water ingress problems. From all of us at Drainrock Industries, we thank you.

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Fast and Very Professional Crew! Highly Recommend!

Date: November 20, 2020Written by: ShaneFrom: Surrey, British Columbia

Bob was on time and professional. Quoted us a great rate to clean out our perimeter drains. His crew showed up when they said they were going to, were fast, and professional. For added peace of mind, they scoped the lines to show us they were clear. In and out in half a day.

Highly recommend Drain Rock Industries and Bob.

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As good as his word with respect to arriving on time and on budget!

Date: November 20, 2020Written by: TrevorFrom: New Westminster, British Columbia

I had significant problems with Drainage issues at my Father's House. Bob at Drainrock was highly recommended.

Bob went above and beyond to not only to fix the issue, but also made recommendations on who to contact for complete repairs. He even volunteered to speak with the potential buyer to put them at ease.

Bob is one of those individuals who immediately puts you at ease with his many years of experience and knowledgeable assessment of the issues. He immediately gave me a confidence level that he knew exactly what needed to be done. He was also as good as his word with respect to arriving on time and on budget!

I would highly recommend Bob and his team at Drainrock!

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Resuscitate A 75 Year Old Drainage System In New Westminster

Date: October 22, 2020Written by: P.U.From: New Westminster, British Columbia

Our nearly 75 year-old drainage system was at the end of its life and it was a matter of time before it became a serious problem. Most of the downspouts were draining against the house foundation and the sump in the basement was not taking in water from the perimeter. Bob, Rylan and the team were able to do repairs to all the rain water leaders and replace the old interior sump with a new, to-code external one.

The team was very professional, were able to manage my expectations around the possibility of unexpected issues (it was a 75 year old system after all), and work through the significant delays in the City's permit process. Their clean-up was thorough as well.

I would not hesitate to recommend Drainrock Industries.

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Big O Drain Tile Flush And Scope, Interior Concrete Floor Repair

Date: March 6, 2020Written by: ElsieFrom: Surrey, British Columbia

My downstairs tenant in Cloverdale noticed some water ingress at floor level in the basement after a huge rainstorm. To deal with this I first hired a foundation crack injection company, who determined there was no crack in the foundation. He suggested I contact DrainRock.

Rylan from DrainRock came out to have a look and suggested flushing and scoping the perimeter drains as well as chipping out a piece of wood that had been left in the slab during framing of the house (some 40 years earlier) and filling the space with hydrostatic concrete. Rylan and his crew did the work very professionally and capably. The owner, Bob, came out to check the job, even though he had just returned that day from being out of the country.

The crew worked diligently for several hours to dig a test hole, get access to the perimeter drains, and flush the drains with water under pressure until all the water was flowing freely. They put a camera down the drain and provided me with a video on a thumb drive showing the free-running drains. I would highly recommend this company to anyone having drainage issues. They are a family business that cares about their customers, are very professional and do not overcharge.

Thanks for your good work, DrainRock.

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My crawl space flooded - Drainrock solved the problem

Date: February 26, 2020Written by: S.S.From: South Surrey, British Columbia

Recently we had a major rain system come in and dump 4 1/2 inches of rain in 36 hours. My crawl space flooded. I had this problem a year ago with the sump not draining. Another firm had come in then and got it working again. They didn't seem interested though, in offering a long term fix. We heard Drainrock's ad on the radio, checked out their web site and decided to call. I'm very glad I did. Bob, the owner came by a few days later and after checking out the drainage to the rock pit, ( we're out in the country and don't have city storm sewers), said the 40 year old rock pit was plugged and needed to be replaced. The work was done quickly and I was very impressed with the crew that did the work. Very good company to work with.

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New Perimeter Drain Installation

Date: February 19, 2020Written by: LindsayFrom: New Westminster, British Columbia

Bought our first house and discovered there was zero drainage in place. After getting a few quotes we were impressed with Bob's knowledge and attention to detail. Bob and his team were very helpful and provided updates when we couldn't be there. Even with city permit delays, the job was done on time and on budget. The whole team was very respectful of our property/neighbours and did a great job. Would highly recommend.

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