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Flooded Crawlspace - Atmosphereic River - A Great Company! A Positive Experience!

Date: December 19, 2021Written by: CarolFrom: Surrey, British Columbia

After a very negative experience with another company, I was referred to Drainrock Industries by a neighbour and was told I would be in very good hands. It was a very positive experience from the first time Bob came to my home until Justin and Austin had completed the job. They had found the sump within 10 minutes, the other company was unable to find it and suggested I hire someone else to find the sump and then call them back at an additional charge.

I felt Justin and Austin honestly cared and were eager to find the source of my crawlspace flooding. They were very friendly and professional and did a great job right through to the cleanup. A Great Company! A Positive Experience!

Thank you Drainrock Industries!!

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Drain Tile Installation

Date: December 10, 2021Written by: HughFrom: Vancouver, British Columbia

Drainrock owner Bob, had provided a free site visit and cost quote for a new drain tile installation, replacing the one that was part of my old house built in the 1920s. We also needed drainage troughs to protect our driveway and parking garage from heavy rain.

Bob was friendly and patient in answering my questions and explaining the details of the installation. A contract was then carefully drafted and later signed as I found the price reasonable, and the terms thorough; in contrast, two other companies who came in either wrote a vague contract or gave a price that was significantly higher and for less work. Drainrock’s contract was much more honest and professionally drafted.

Rylan and his crew took around two weeks to complete the installation. During that time, communication with the workers had been courteous; they had completed various stages of the installation efficiently, and cleaned the work site thoroughly afterwards. They were also flexible in taking additional requests including miscellaneous site debris removal which I really appreciated.

I could tell the workers really cared about the installation and took pride in their work because of their quality materials, workmanship and positive communication skills.

I highly recommend this company to everyone because they are honest and professional, and they provide quality performance at a reasonable price. It was a pleasure dealing with Drainrock Industries from start to finish.

Thank you for providing me with peace of mind following a quality installation and positive interaction with your staff–much appreciation.

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Flooded Crawlspace Solution

Date: November 26, 2021Written by: JimFrom: Surrey, British Columbia

During the successive 'atmospheric river' rain storms (late November of 2021) my crawlspace flooded. We reached out to friends and neighbours for recommendations, and spent a lot of time on Google. As water in your crawlspace or basement is never good, and the source is typically underground, as a homeowner, it is difficult to know what the problem is and who to trust. We spent a lot of time on Google researching things we knew little about: drain tile systems, sumps, blockages and collapsed pipes. I also could not find the sump on my property and the City of Surrey file registry only had vague information (home was built in early 1980s).

We contacted a lot of drainage/plumbing companies and several said things like, "it is difficult to know...but it could cost from $15,000 to $80,000." Virtually every company wanted several $hundreds just to show up and/or charged for 'travel time', and would not be able to come for several days.

I discovered Drainrock Industries online and noted that they had excellent reviews. When I contacted the company (online), their response was within a couple of hours. I spoke with the owner (Bob) and he was calm and reassuring and he responded on a Saturday morning. He also wanted my address so that he could check for property plans (sewer and drainage utilities) from the City of Surrey. Bob was the only company contacted that took this extra step.

Drainrock foreman Rylan came to my home early on Monday morning and phoned me first to say that he was on the way. Rylan patiently listened to my concerns and began to manually probe for the sump and he found it within 10 minutes (note - I hired another plumber earlier and he could not find it, and was looking in such unlikely places that I asked him to leave early). With the concrete sump lid open, Rylan then diagnosed the problem and said he would be back the next day to flush line that ran from my property to the City storm system, and run his camera through the lines. He explained that he would also flush my entire draintile system. Rylan called later the same day and said he could fit me in that same afternoon as another job in the area had finished earlier than expected.

Rylan and Justin arrived exactly when they said they would and went to work. They flushed my lines, showed me the camera as it was working in my pipes, including a blockage (where my line met the city line), and they flushed the iron build up). Both men were professional, personable and knowledgeable and, from a homeowner's perspective, very honest.

The entire experience shifted from being very stressful (e.g., pumping water out of my crawlspace late at night, anticipating huge costs, etc.,) to manageable due to the incredibly professional, knowledgeable, reliable and honest service provided by Drainrock Industries.

If you have water in your basement or crawlspace or dealing with significant drainage issues, call Drainrock first. This is what they do - from a simpler line flush or camera inspection to a more complex excavation and repair or replacement solution, you will have peace of mind knowing that you are getting excellent, skilled and honest service at a very fair price, and from good people with integrity (who know what they are doing). I could not be happier with the service received from Drainrock, during difficult and wet conditions. Thank you Bob, Rylan and Justin - you exceeded my expectations and I am genuinely grateful.

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Very professional - Hydro Flush and Sump Drainage

Date: November 23, 2021Written by: Phil & DianeFrom: Coquitlam, British Columbia

It was nice dealing with a business that is family owned and run. They treated my house like it was theirs. They answered all my questions and left me feeling confident in their work. They found an issue and dealt with it, alleviating a blockage that would have in the near future surely backed up and flooded my basement. Very professional!

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Drainrock Is The Best!!!

Date: November 16, 2021Written by: KevinFrom: Surrey, British Columbia

I was dealing with an issue in my basement where water seemed to be coming in slowly. I hired a plumber to come in and have a look and they charged me a fair chunk just to tell me it was I drain tile issue.

So I contacted Bob at Drainrock who came out straight away to have a look and he gave me some advice just to make sure the issue I was having was related to drain tile. He told me to remove a bunch of gyprock to see where the water was coming in from and send him pictures. He came back and had to look with me and turns out the problem was not coming from the drain tile but from a pipe further up. That means the plumber was wrong.

Bob didn't charge me for the inspections he was only going to assess and make sure the issue required his services. If upon that second inspection it indicated it was a drain tile issue, he would have been came back with scopes to look through the drains in our area to see if all it needed was a cleaning before moving on to the next step. He was a consummate professional, super friendly and wasn't in it just to make the money... he wanted to make sure he was delivering the right service.

I cannot recommend this company enough!

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Hydroflush - Clearing A Blocked Perimeter Drain and Sump Pump Clean

Date: August 17, 2021Written by: LokFrom: Port Moody, British Columbia

Sump Dump was cleaned out and drainage perimeter was flushed clear and cleaned - works perfectly now! Justin and his trainee was exceptional, professional and very knowledgeable. They took their time to educate me on the entire drainage system and upkeep for my house. After 15+ years of neglect from previous owners, they pulled out a 12+ feet of roots clogging my drains - Wowza! what a shocker to see the monster-size roots!

Bob was quick to come by for a quote and consult and the work was done shortly after. They are all around good people with a passion for what they do. Would highly recommend them to anyone! You MUST call this family-owned and operated business first - will be the best money you will spend on your home!

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Perimeter drainage system repairs

Date: July 19, 2021Written by: DaveFrom: White Rock, British Columbia

We recently contracted Drainrock to help us repair and flush blocked patio and perimeter drains. Our front patio has a central drain that turns into a lake whenever it rains. After several years and many attempts to clear the connected "Big-O" pipes (which I personally think should be banned from use), I decided to replace an old 30 foot section with new 4 inch PVC pipe.

Drainrock (Bob), came to discuss the work and provide a quote. The following week, two of his crew (Brendan and Nick) spent a day digging, installing new pipe, and doing a very thorough job of cleaning all the perimeter pipes on that side of the house.

We couldn't be more pleased to have the work done and the way they did it. Being a bit picky about quality work and value, I tend to expect something to go haywire but every step of the process went smoothly, and all of the Drainrock people were easy to work with and helped make the job a success.

The only minor glitch was with a missing connector they needed for their flushing pump but Brendan was able to find a substitute part and it didn't cause any significant delay.

If we have any other drainage related problems in future, Drainrock will be our first choice and we are happy to recommend them to others.

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Replace Perimeter Drains

Date: May 3, 2021Written by: Gordon G.From: Vancouver, British Columbia

Five years ago our basement flooded and Drainrock responded very quickly for cleanup and installation of an outdoor sump. They also did a video inspection of our 80-year-old perimeter drainage. Finding several broken or cracked tiles, they said the system would still function but suggested a complete replacement when possible. That project has just been completed.

Bob Wilde's quote included an estimate of 10 days, and they were finished on day 9. The project was fully done to code and passed a City inspection with no problems.

We've lived in the house 28 years so there's a lot of plants that could have been damaged during trenching, but we were most impressed with the care they took to work around them. In our estimation, Drainrock minimized plant loss about as much as was possible.

Our second project with Drainrock Industries was just as satisfactory as the first one five years ago, and we fully recommend them.

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Highly impressed with their drainage and damp-proofing work... Again!

Date: February 8, 2021Written by: Marty & ShellaFrom: Maple Ridge, British Columbia

Having used Drainrock in the past, and being highly impressed with their work, Bob was the first one we called when we found water leaking into our basement crawl space. Bob came out and had a look, and since we knew from their past inspection that we had some issues with the perimeter drains on the north side of the house, it was decided the best idea was to replace the drains on that side.

The crew, which included Bob’s sons, arrived a couple of days later. They replaced all the crushed and plugged Big O piping with PVC. They also repaired some cracks in the foundation, dampproofed the wall, and then installed Dimple board to provide a completely waterproof wall. After they refilled the trench, they flushed out the entire system and then dealt with a couple of other issues we had.

We were highly impressed again with the workmanship and the finished product, but what impressed us even more was the crew themselves. They were all hardworking, polite, and respectful young men.

Bob and Vanessa, you should be very proud of not only your sons, but also the rest of your crew as well. What a great group of guys.

We have already, and will continue to recommend this great family business to everyone we can.

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I highly recommend Drainrock for any drainage related job!

Date: January 3, 2021Written by: Private HomeownerFrom: Burnaby, British Columbia

Had called Drainrock Industries to solve a water leak in my basement that another company (Drainmaster) couldn't resolve. Drainrock took care of the issue discovering Drainmaster did not do a proper job. I highly recommend Drainrock Industries and never will use the highly and most advertised companies. Very professional by Drainrock Industries!

Company Response
Thank you for taking time to write a review about your experience with Drainrock Industries. You were referred to us through a friend of yours that had previously used our services and was happy to share their experience. Unfortunately, the first drainage contractor you hired did not measure floor height elevations and installed new perforated PVC drainage approximately 10" above the height of the floor slab in the basement. Perimeter drain tile is intended to be installed with the top of the pipe below the bottom of the floor slab at the high point of the system, controlling the water table and preventing water ingress. From all of us at Drainrock Industries we thank you.

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