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Big O Drain Tile Flush And Scope, Interior Concrete Floor Repair

Date: March 6, 2020Written by: ElsieFrom: Surrey, British Columbia

My downstairs tenant in Cloverdale noticed some water ingress at floor level in the basement after a huge rainstorm. To deal with this I first hired a foundation crack injection company, who determined there was no crack in the foundation. He suggested I contact DrainRock.

Rylan from DrainRock came out to have a look and suggested flushing and scoping the perimeter drains as well as chipping out a piece of wood that had been left in the slab during framing of the house (some 40 years earlier) and filling the space with hydrostatic concrete. Rylan and his crew did the work very professionally and capably. The owner, Bob, came out to check the job, even though he had just returned that day from being out of the country.

The crew worked diligently for several hours to dig a test hole, get access to the perimeter drains, and flush the drains with water under pressure until all the water was flowing freely. They put a camera down the drain and provided me with a video on a thumb drive showing the free-running drains. I would highly recommend this company to anyone having drainage issues. They are a family business that cares about their customers, are very professional and do not overcharge.

Thanks for your good work, DrainRock.

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My crawl space flooded - Drainrock solved the problem

Date: February 26, 2020Written by: S.S.From: South Surrey, British Columbia

Recently we had a major rain system come in and dump 4 1/2 inches of rain in 36 hours. My crawl space flooded. I had this problem a year ago with the sump not draining. Another firm had come in then and got it working again. They didn't seem interested though, in offering a long term fix. We heard Drainrock's ad on the radio, checked out their web site and decided to call. I'm very glad I did. Bob, the owner came by a few days later and after checking out the drainage to the rock pit, ( we're out in the country and don't have city storm sewers), said the 40 year old rock pit was plugged and needed to be replaced. The work was done quickly and I was very impressed with the crew that did the work. Very good company to work with.

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New Perimeter Drain Installation

Date: February 19, 2020Written by: LindsayFrom: New Westminster, British Columbia

Bought our first house and discovered there was zero drainage in place. After getting a few quotes we were impressed with Bob's knowledge and attention to detail. Bob and his team were very helpful and provided updates when we couldn't be there. Even with city permit delays, the job was done on time and on budget. The whole team was very respectful of our property/neighbours and did a great job. Would highly recommend.

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We are very satisfied with their drainage work result!

Date: February 10, 2020Written by: D.S.From: Coquitlam, British Columbia

Bob’s crew cleaned my home's perimeter drain tile until all water injected came back to the storm sump clean. The crew was able to get the jetter around the entire home to the sump and from the sump to the municipal storm connection. We are very satisfied with their work result!

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Fantastic to work with from start to finish

Date: January 15, 2020Written by: KevinFrom: Vancouver, British Columbia

Bob, Rylan and the crew were fantastic to work with from start to finish. Our house had some particular challenges and they were able to come up with great solutions and were still able to come close to the estimated time frame in finishing the project. They were able to talk me through quite a bit of detail as to what can and cannot be done in a very straightforward manner. The boys are very down to earth and very courteous. Truly a wonderful family business. Job well done! Would highly recommend.

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Exceeded our expectation and code standards

Date: January 7, 2020Written by: ECFrom: Surrey, British Columbia

Bob correctly diagnosed the problem with the drainage, wrote up a detailed proposal ( which was confirmed as a good plan by a structural engineer friend ) and fulfilled his company responsibilities meeting or exceeding code standards!

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We were very impressed with Drainrock team

Date: December 25, 2019Written by: LorenFrom: New Westminster, British Columbia

We purchased an old house within the past year and had no idea about the condition of the drains. We also had some unanswered questions about an old sump that still had water in it located in our basement. We had the Drainrock crew come out to take a look and we were very impressed. Bob was extremely knowledgeable and gave me a lot of confidence in doing the job. The team showed up and was friendly and willing to explain to me how the job was going and what they had found. Our old sump was backfilled and sealed and our humidity has dropped in our basement by 20-30%. We were very happy with their work and will definitely be calling them back the next time we have any drainage concerns. Thanks Drainrock!

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Ongoing drainage issues were resolved by the Drainrock

Date: December 18, 2019Written by: Private UserFrom: Langley, British Columbia

Ongoing drainage issues were resolved by the Drainrock team through replacement of much of my perimeter drainage system. Bob diagnosed the issue and responded quickly to my initial request and subsequent questions. The work crew, headed by Rylan, was competent, hard working and consistently good natured during the project. I had a very positive outcome and I will continue to use Drainrock for hydro flushing of my drains.

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Saved Our Christmas!

Date: December 18, 2019Written by: DaleFrom: Burnaby, British Columbia

I don't usually write reviews, however, this time I must spread the word.
The perimeter drainage line from our sump to street was clogged. As good practice we decided to get three Quotes for repair. The first two were both $6000 + with potential for $10,000 if the whole line had to be replaced. Drainrock was our last call, it should have been our first. When called i got lucky, as the owner Bob was doing a job in the area close by and arrived shortly. As a good listener Bob answered all my questions, the same ones he must get every day over and over!

Long story short - Since there was a crew close by he offered to scope the drain to locate blockage for no charge.......I couldn't believe it. Bob did mention he never does this, but i now realize he must have had a hunch. At this point Drainrock could have taken our money, done the repair and Bob's your Uncle ! Turns out the blockage was on the city property / our property divide with heavy congestion, a Fire hydrant and sewer basin close by. Bob told me to give the city a call ,they may fix this situation, it was not unreasonable.

It was our lucky day, the city had the job done three days later

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Bob is great to deal with and knowledgeable

Date: November 21, 2019Written by: Rob and HanaFrom: Surrey, British Columbia

My girlfriend and I bought a house built in 1980. Bob came out to site to review. I thought the drain tile would need to be dug up, large job. As it turns out a simple drain flush solved the issue for now and will give me a few years before needing to do this larger job. Bob could have just advised we needed the new pipes but had the moral compass to suggest a less cost option to see if the larger amount of money was needed first. Bob is great to deal with and knowledgeable.

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