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Draintile Repair

Date: March 24, 2014Written by: J & T AffumFrom: Delta, British Columbia

We live in North Delta, and had drainage problem for the past several years. The ones on the north and east sides were solved about 4 yrs ago but we still had water coming into the crawl space on the south side. Several individuals and agencies --including 2 major companies in the industry-- have looked at the problem, resulting in various patch works. Disappointingly, the problem persisted.

In late November of 2013, my wife made a desperate call to Shellbusey for help, and was referred to you (Drainrock). You came and did an assessment and in a relatively short time identified that the problem was from the west side of the building. Incidentally, almost all the previous assessment and work had focused on the south side even though some of the companies used the same diagnostic tools as you did. Further, your estimate was a fraction of the competition's.

We gave you the contract, and you started the construction immediately and finished it on time and on budget, just as you stated in the estimate. Putting it in perspective, you started the construction Dec 04 and completed it afternoon of Dec 06 2013. Day time temperatures those dates were between -3 to -8. It was one of the coldest, if not the coldest on record for Vancouver. Regardless, you did the job satisfactorily, and cleaned up the site thoroughly, just as you promised.

We were quite apprehensive when soon after the construction there was heavy snow followed by rain. The melting snow and the rain would challenge a compromised drainage system, but we had no flood. That was the 1st time in 8 years!!!!

There has since been the usual lower mainland rain.

However, the major test came the past few days. Environment Canada issued a heavy rainfall warning for the GVRD from the evening of Dec 10 to the morning of Dec 12, 2014. And did it pour.

The storm is over, and we are very happy to confirm that we still have a dry crawl space!!!!

Thanks to Rylan and his 2 co-workers who did the digging and installation. It is very commendable they did it under extreme weather conditions. Bob, thanks for a job well done, and for giving us a discount on the already low estimate. Thanks, Shellbusey, for recommending us to more than a "good, better, or best" company.
Drainrock and Shellbusey, you can add us to your long list of satisfied customers!!!!!
Thanks again.

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