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Job Well Done

Date: April 11, 2018Written by: PatFrom: South Surrey, British Columbia

This is our second time using Drainrock Industries. The first time was for a clean-out of out perimeter drain tile system and this year we had a flood from a water line break and so we had the drain area cleaned out as part of the clean up following that problem.

We have found them prompt, efficient and always courteous. We appreciated that the issue was explained and an affordable solution was presented. We would highly recommend them.

Thanks Drainrock!

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Couldn't Have Been Better - They did the wet basement repair work in one day, when it was heavy rain

Date: February 5, 2018Written by: Mr. TFrom: Langley, British Columbia

We had a crack in our basement foundation, undernearth a window in the window well. Over Christmas it started letting water in.

We had to make our own arrangements as not covered by insurance (wear and tear ... joke), so asked four companies for quotes, two never replied and I just had a better vibe with Drainrock who came out quickly and fitted us in.

They did the work in one day, when it was heavy rain. Once they dug the hole out to repair, it was a complete mess with piles of mud and rubble. Couple of hrs later it was perfect, as if there hadn't been here.

Great service, attention to detail and explained the process in detail. They also fixed a drain issue elsewhere while they were there.

Really pleased with their service.

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No hidden surprises and costs for good quality drainage service

Date: January 30, 2018Written by: NNFrom: Vancouver, British Columbia

We hired Drainrock to flush out the perimeter drains, sumps, catch basins and outgoing lines to the municipal storm connections for our townhouse strata complex. We were provided with a detailed written estimate outlining the work to be performed and the time frame to complete the work and everything was done in accordance with that estimate and time frame.

There were no hidden surprises and no hidden additional costs following completion of the work. Both Bob and his foreman were very responsive to all our questions and they explained what they were doing as they were doing it which was very much appreciated. They also provided us with a written report summarizing their work which is a great record for our strata complex.

Drainrock’s team of workers were all professional, efficient and courteous and I would not hesitate to recommend Drainrock to anyone needing drainage work done.

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Need drainage work done, just give Bob a call. Highly recommended.

Date: January 5, 2018Written by: P. U.From: Vancouver, British Columbia

Our catch basin had been clogged for a little while, and we had a pump installed between the catch basin and the first down-pipe to bypass the damaged and clogged pipes. I had to use the pump during heavy rain days, and middle of the night if necessary to avoid flooding in the garage.

Bob came, discussed the problem and provided me with his professional opinion and a free quotation the same day.

On the scheduled day, Rylan and the crew showed up and started working right away. They saw-cut and removed the concrete, dug a trench, removed damaged tiles (badly damaged by roots), installed new pvc pipes, hydro-flush the perimeter piping system, back-filled the trench, repoured concrete and finished with a nice clean up.

Thank you Bob, Vanessa, and especially Rylan and the hard working crew, got it all done in a day and at cost as quoted.

Need drainage work done, just give Bob a call. Highly recommended.

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Perimeter Drain Clog

Date: November 16, 2017Written by: P. U.From: Langley, British Columbia

 Perimeter draintile pipe plugged with roots.

Long story short. Selling my home and subject to a home inspection. Inspector found a water leak in the crawl space during torrential downpour. Called Bob at Drainrock and he was able to fit me in his schedule within the week. Did I mention I was arranging this while in Hawaii?

Completely trustworthy and professional, completing the work in a timely manner: unplugging and flushing my perimeter drain and bringing the buried sump up to grade level. Would recommend them in a heartbeat.

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Foundation Repairs

Date: November 14, 2017Written by: Lydia and Victor CabralFrom: Surrey, British Columbia

Bob and his crew were extremely professional, efficient, and friendly. They excavated our entire foundation and applied adequate damp proofing and water proofing in the middle of record rainfall. The job was completed in less time than we initially thought, and they left virtually no mess at all which is shocking given the scope of work they completed. All Emails, phone calls, and enquiries were answered promptly and the quality of work exceeded our expectations. Bob and his crew take a lot of pride in what they do and it shows. Every detail was taken care of and they truly care about their customers and do everything in their power to make sure they are happy. Being a small company means they take care in not only the job at hand but also their relationship with their customers. It's a personal touch you won't find with larger companies and it truly makes all the difference. They came in at the end of a massive project and to our surprise were the most efficient, least messy part of it all. It was truly a pleasure and we couldn't be happier with the end product. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you Bob and your crew!

 Seldom do we see a new home with drainage deficiencies causing water ingress. Working through severe weather conditions to repair foundation deficiencies, applying two coats of damp-proofing and installing Delta MS (dimple board) is all in a days work for our hard working crew.
 After the job was completed.
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Drainage Maintenance , Repair, Landscaping

Date: November 6, 2017Written by: LauraFrom: Surrey, British Columbia

 A stepping stone and river rock landscape finish after a drainage repair job.

In our dealings with Bob and his office staff we found them to be pleasant and efficient. Bob returned our various email inquiries promptly in the lead up to the job. We had a number of different tasks that had to be taken care of and the crew was able to complete them all, as well as create an attractive new rock garden space and pathway within one day. An area that was once a worry and an eyesore is now repaired and looking great.

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Yard Drainage

Date: October 23, 2017Written by: Rob & Kash KFrom: Surrey, British Columbia

For the past few autumns and into the early springs we have had a very soggy lawn problem! Bob’s crew worked diligently to trench the yard. They removed the turf and dirt quickly and efficiently put in drain pipe and gravel, tied into the sump, and finally replaced the turf! The yard was cleaned up put back to original condition! This past week we finally had heavy rains and the lawn has held up beautifully! A job well done!

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Blockage In Drain Tiles

Date: September 10, 2017Written by: PhilFrom: Langley, British Columbia

We have a 3 year old house that has drain tiles that were not draining properly - water would pool in our sunken patio area. During three separate occasions, I called 3 different plumbing companies to come out to identify and fix the problem. Each company utilized a mechanical snake through the drain tiles, and each time I was told everything was working.

However, the problem kept recurring. I then researched on HomeStars and saw the many positive reviews that DrainRock had received and decided to call them. Rylan and Cody came out and hydro jetted all the drain tiles around my house and then utlized a camera to ensure all the drain tiles were clear. This is where they found quite a number of large hardened calcium chunks obstructing half the drain tiles in some areas that were missed by the other companies. Rylan and Cody were later accompanied by Bob, the owner, and they spent half a day cleaning and removing the debris until everything was absolutely clear (they even provided a USB video of the cleared drain tiles).

As a homeowner, having the risk of a flooded basement is a very terrifying thought and knowing that Drainrock took the time to ensure everything was cleaned out and having the entire drainage system explained to me and recorded will definitely help me sleep at night when the wet weather arrives. Key points to consider when choosing Drainrock over other companies:

1. Drainrock delivers what they promise in terms of price and work
2. Drainrock was thorough and spent the time to ensure the job was done right the first time
3. Bob is very resourceful and thinks outside the box in order to solve challenges, which definitely goes a long way to fixing problems.

I would not hesitate to recommend these guys and will use them again in the future.

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Yard Drainage And Lawn Replacement

Date: September 9, 2017Written by: EdFrom: Coquitlam, British Columbia

Excellent to deal with! Strong customer service-once I phoned on the weekend with the intent of leaving a question for follow up during the weekdays. I don't have any expectation of speaking to anyone at a company on the weekends, but when I phoned Vanessa answered the call and gave me the answer to my question! Bob is so knowledgeable and a straight shooter, and his crew is prompt and courteous. Overall, very trustworthy-you know you will get great work, on time.

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