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I highly recommend this company to everyone because they are honest and professional

Date: July 10, 2023Written by: H.From: Surrey, British Columbia

Drainrock owner Bob, had provided a free site visit and cost quote for a new drain tile installation, replacing the one that was part of my old house built in the 1920s. We also needed drainage troughs to protect our driveway and parking garage from heavy rain.

Bob was friendly and patient in answering my questions and explaining the details of the installation. A contract was then carefully drafted and later signed as I found the price reasonable, and the terms thorough; in contrast, two other companies who came in either wrote a vague contract or gave a price that was significantly higher and for less work. Drainrock’s contract was much more honest and professionally drafted.

Rylan and his crew took around two weeks to complete the installation. During that time, communication with the workers had been courteous; they had completed various stages of the installation efficiently, and cleaned the work site thoroughly afterwards. They were also flexible in taking additional requests including miscellaneous site debris removal which I really appreciated.

I could tell the workers really cared about the installation and took pride in their work because of their quality materials, workmanship and positive communication skills.

I highly recommend this company to everyone because they are honest and professional, and they provide quality performance at a reasonable price. It was a pleasure dealing with Drainrock Industries from start to finish.

Thank you for providing me with peace of mind following a quality installation and positive interaction with your staff–much appreciation.

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Perimeter Drain Unplugged

Date: June 29, 2023Written by: Private UserFrom: Langley Township, British Columbia

Had tried with my own pressure washer and mole attachment but was unable to break through the plug of debris. Drainrock was my first call as they were local and well-reviewed. He gave me my options as to what they could provide and perhaps they may not be able to do what I needed. I decided to chance it. They came the next day and in about half an hour they were able to get through and were packing up. Definitely worth the call.

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Go with the BEST always!

Date: March 1, 2023Written by: Marv LubinFrom: Surrey, British Columbia

Drainrock Industries are the best. Bob fixed the problem within a day for a good price as well. Go with the BEST always!

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Drainage Issues - Fantastic Solution

Date: February 14, 2023Written by: Heather Brooks & Roberts CourtFrom: Langley, British Columbia

Drainrock has worked at our building on a few occasions and has done a fantastic job investigating the problem and reporting/explaining their findings. They have very professional people working there and everyone you deal with are super friendly. Would highly recommend them.

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20th Century Drainage Replacement

Date: February 14, 2023Written by: ChrisFrom: Maple Ridge, British Columbia

Our home is 50 plus years of age and the drainage was way past its prime. We needed a full replacement of our drain tile. After our due diligence of getting multiple quotes, we settled on Drainrock Industries. Upon meeting Bob, I had a good feeling that he was the guy I needed for the job. After a walk around and rapport building, he said I would have a quote within 24 hours. The quote arrived in my email box later that evening and I was pleasantly surprised at the price.
A full replacement is not a small job nor is it cheap, and I knew it was going to be a big job and mess.

After they received the city permit, they came and did a walk through the day before starting. This is where the fun begins. As they started to excavate our yard we were hit with an atmospheric river. It was a little nerve-racking as the water started to fill in the trench that was dug. The team did prepare for this and protected us well and made it through unscathed.

We knew that the yard was going to be a mess while the work was being done and I kept saying short term pain for long term gain. At times we just smiled and shook our heads while the team just kept their heads down and moving forward as the professionals they are. The whole process took a little over two weeks to complete and I felt there was going to be a big mess to clean-up. A few times both my wife and I were assured by Bob that it will look great once it is completed. He was right, and we are so pleased with the work that was done and the clean-up as they put things back together.

I highly recommend Drainrock Industries for any of your drainage needs. They are a family owned and operated business and they put a personal touch on their work. From the first meeting with Bob, he kept us updated from beginning to the end. These guys know what they are doing and get the job done with the focus on the customer. Thanks Bob and Vanessa and to your whole team.

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Hydro Flush And Video Inspection

Date: January 15, 2023Written by: PaulFrom: Vancouver, British Columbia

Drainrock Industries provides me with excellent services. The workers, Justine and Jacob, are very professional, hard working and knowledgeable. During the video inspection, Justine explained to me in details the meaning of the finding. At the end he also gave me the objective functionality assessment of the drain tile system from the house to the city main, and the problematic areas and mentioned the importance of regular maintenance. He showed genuine interest in helping customers, an invaluable attribute from the legacy of this
trustworthy company.

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Perimeter Drainage Replacement

Date: January 13, 2023Written by: Pr. U.From: Maple Ridge, British Columbia

I had 3 different contractors provide an estimate for work before I connected with Drainrock. A hydro-flush revealed crushed and broken drain tiles which meant removal of existing tiles, installing new pipe, gravel, sealing foundation cracks, new sump and connection to the city storm system. The work involved working under a very large deck, removing huge blocks of concrete from existing stairs and removing asphalt , trees and shrubs in cold, wet and muddy conditions.
Everyone that I dealt with was very professional, polite and thorough. Bobs ongoing up-dates and explanations throughout this process did much to allay my anxiety. Not having to worry about future flooding is huge. Drainrock did this on-time and in-budget as per estimate. Great company.

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Drainage Problem Solved Expertly

Date: January 9, 2023Written by: A.N.From: Langley, British Columbia

Drainrock was my fourth quote. Bob came to my house and explained what had to be done to solve my water issues. He was very thorough and knowledgeable at what had to be done. He was the only person that suggested to drain trenches to solve the problem properly.
I was pleased with his son and his crew the day they did the job. Clean up was amazing.
I would recommend this company for sure.

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100% Honest, Trustworthy, And Knowledgable

Date: January 6, 2023Written by: M & J HayesFrom: Surrey, British Columbia

We moved into an older bungalow that badly needed the drains flushed and checked, and in some cases, repaired. Drainrock came highly recommended by our house inspector. Bob and his son are busy, but they kindly were able to squeeze us in so that we could avoid any flooding from upcoming rains. They provide us with an upfront, written estimate, stuck by it, and they went the extra mile, carefully checking all possibilities because they knew it was an older home. They were super honest yet clear about what had to be fixed now, what we ourselves could do, and what could be deferred to manage our budget, but within clear time windows for eventual repair. Bob and his son also were super knowledgable about the history of the drain engineering and setups in the Surrey municipality, and what was happening with the age of the house/drains. I would 110% recommend them to anyone that I know, and we will go back to them for our remaining work next year.

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Perimeter Drainage Cleanout

Date: January 5, 2023Written by: MikeFrom: Langley, British Columbia

Similar experience to other satisfied customers here, I called Drainrock because I had some water enter my home crawlspace after last year's atmospheric River in BC.
I called them and Bob came out to look at my property and gave me an honest assessment of the problem. We scheduled his crew and when they arrived they were very polite and professional. They flushed the system and located my buried sump, which was clogged with sediment. Like other reviewers, I too had called another local plumbing company and they quoted $40,000 to replace my drainage system based on a cursory site inspection. Glad I called Drainrock as they found the problem and cleaned out the system so it will properly again.

Thank you!!

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